With the development of global economy, automobile ownership is increasing year by year. However with it, rise the air pollution is increasing as well, therefore the auto industry is facing constantly growing pressure to transform from the traditional fossil energy consumption to green energy and more fuel efficient. In recent few years, the electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles have made a significant progress. However, because of the low energy density, short service life, high price and the pollutioncaused by batterymanufacturing and disposing, which has seriously restricted the development of industrialization of electric vehicles.Neither does its cost performance compete with the traditional internal combustion engine vehiclesnor the performance parameters.At this moment, solutions provide bythe hybrid cars,whichmake up for the disadvantages of electric vehicles.

In recent years, Hybrid electric vehicles have seen rapid development all around the world. In several countries popularization of the concept with the general public reached levels high enough to change the production type from innovative to be commercialized.China's hybrid vehicles have been highly valued both by the state and local governments, and in the same time, it also brings unprecedented development of hybrid vehicle technology and industry in China.

"Hybrid Engine Components New Technology Manufacturing Summit 2018" will be held in Nov., Shanghai. We'll show you the newest Hybrid technology, new materials, efficient processing technology, energy saving and emission reduction, intelligent manufacturing and safety testing technology. We will provide the most comprehensive platform for you to communicate with the leading manufacturers of hybrid manufacturers, explore the demand trends and learn the industry innovation technology. We're looking forward to meeting with you in 2018! 

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Gather 250+ precision industry experts and guests, 25+ hot topics, sharing cutting-edge manufacturing technology,comprehensive FAQ

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The experts' speeches, informal networking opportunities during tea breaks,business dinner and factory tour combined,offer youdiversifiedchannels for establishing new business connections

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Authoritative experts discuss the green manufacturing process of hybrid oil electric engine

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Show you the latest technology and products. An easy and fast way to acquire updates on innovative technologyand scientific development

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Offer match making service to meet the specific purchasing purpose of your company

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November 30 afternoon, the Star Arc Factory visited

Star Arc Coating New Materials Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, design and manufacture of physical vapor deposition (PVD) equipment, and provides a full range of coating services for the industry. Our coating equipment is mainly used in the tool and die manufacturing industry, the automotive engine parts industry, the solar energy utilization and conversion industry in the medical industry, the LED light source and the semiconductor industry; the coating types for coating services include diamond-like coatings (DLC) and Other cermet coatings (CrN, TiN, etc.) are widely used in molds, automotive engine parts, medical, metal cutting tools and parts with wear resistance requirements. The physical vapor deposition technology of the star arc is derived from the use of Germany and has its own independent intellectual property rights in a number of core technologies. All Stararc series equipments have obtained "Jiangsu High-tech Product Certification.

The star arc coating is certified by the automotive industry "IATF16949" and the "ISO13485" certification of the medical device industry. More than 25 patents on coating technology and related equipment hardware.

Advantages of star arc coating on automotive engine parts

Advantages in automotive engine parts: The unbalanced magnetron sputtering (UBS) technology and the anode layer ion beam (ALIB) work together to produce a DLC coating with a hardness between Hv2000 and 3800, which overcomes the DLC coating. More than 2um limit, comprehensive thickness up to 10um; a variety of special coatings for engine parts and fuel injection system parts;

Advantages in parts of fuel injection systems: Cromastar coatings for valve products, thickness 2-3 um, CrN-based nanostructured cermet coatings, can be prepared at temperatures below 100 ° C to meet low temperatures The tempering material application coating has excellent impact load resistance, and the impact dry knock test exceeds 2.9*108 times.



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