2017 China's new energy vehicle production and sales reached close to 800,000, with year-on-year growth of ,almost 54%. China's new energy vehicle sales in 2018 should achieve astonishing 40% growth. According to the" 13th Five Year Plan", in 2020, the production of new energy vehicle will hit 2,000,000 units . New energy vehicle industry is forecasted to be one of the fastest growing industries in the next few years.

In 2018, Ringier's Automotive Manufacturing and Design for China magazine cooperates with famous new energy vehicle manufacturers, specializing in four industries: IT, automobile, new energy and rail transit, to host a "New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Conference 2018" event. This conference's focus will be the topics of technology applications, new equipment, innovative materials, automation and detections etc. in new energy vehicle manufacturing. It is definitely a great opportunity for networking within supply demand chain in the industry, and a high end communication platform for China as well as Asian Pacific industry professionals.

Hot Topics

Main Session:Intelligentized, Electrified, Lightweight

  • The Transformation and Upgrading of the New Energy Auto Industry in the 4.0 Era
  • Development Trend of Electric Vehicles and Interpretation of "Double Integration" Policy in the Future
  • Well Known Traditional Automobile Companies and Emerging Car Power Electrification, Intelligent Strategic Layout
  • Application and Development Trend of Innovative Materials in New Energy Vehicles under the Trend of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection
  • Application of Intelligent Equipment in New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing: 3D Printing, Intelligent Manufacturing
  • New Energy Vehicle Testing and Evaluation Technology: Detection of Electric Drive System and High Voltage Electrical System
  • High Performance Motor Electric Control Lightweight Helps New Energy Vehicles Realize Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

New Energy Vehicle Session

  • Future of New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing: Platform, Modularization, Lightweight and Intellectualization
  • High Strength, Low Density Materials Help New Energy Vehicles Light weight: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites, High Performance PBT, Modified Plastics, etc.
  • New Energy Vehicle Lightweight Case sharing: Structural Design and Material Demand
  • Laser Welding Technology, Hot Pressing Technology and Micro Foam Injection Molding Technology for New Energy Vehicles
  • New Connection Technology: Bonding Process, Riveting Process, Welding Technology, etc.
  • Application of Low Cost Automatic Manufacturing Technology for Pure Electric and Key components
  • Application of CAD/CAE/CAM Integrated Technology
  • How can New Energy Vehicle Enterprises Achieve Coordinated Development with the Industrial Chain?

Material and technology of power battery

  • How does Power Battery Build Its Core Competitiveness in the Post Subsidy Era?
  • Research on High Safety, High Energy Density Lithium Battery Production and High Performance Materials
  • Analysis of Key Technologies of Power Battery: Design of Electric Core, BMS and PACK System
  • Research on Low Temperature Technology of Battery and Management of BMS Thermal Engineering
  • Material Selection and Packaging Methods for Power Battery Modules: Cylindrical, Square and Soft Packages for Bonding, Heat Dissipation, Insulation and Other Materials.
  • How can Battery Manufacturers Achieve Efficiency Reduction by Intelligent Manufacturing Technology?
  • Power Battery Core, Module and PACK Line Intelligent Production Process and Assembly
  • Full Life Cycle Management and Recovery of Power Battery

Event Highlights

  • Ringier joined hands with the magazine《Automotive Manufacturing and Design for China》to create the summit forum focusing on new energy vehicles,greater participation and wider audience;
  • Walk into the advanced enterprise of China's new energy vehicle, more authoritative and more persuasive;
  • Gathering domestic and foreign well-known automobile industry chain supporting enterprises, more extensive technical exchanges, and promote industrial upgrading;
  • 100+ professional vehicle host / supporting plant participating,15 + professional keynote speech, high popularity gathering, and more in-depth discussion;
  • Three parts of forum, exhibition and interactive experience are linked together in real time during the conference;
  • Committed to building a professional new energy vehicle summit, bringing together representatives of global new energy enterprises and senior experts to join hands in opening up the 4 era of new energy vehicles.

Who Will Attend

  • Leader or Expert of the government department, industry association
  • Vehicle manufacturers, people who responsible for material, product design, process, project management, quality and procurement of parts enterprises
  • Battery Makers: System integrators, PACK, BMS, Thermal management system, Raw materials developers. ,etc
  • Lightweight materials manufacturers: metals, carbon fiber and composites.etc
  • Automotive design company, software company, equipment, mould and material connection technology enterprise
  • Automotive lightweight technology institutions of higher learning and research institutes
  • New energy vehicle related testing organization



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