In 2016, China has produced 517,000 new energy vehicles in total, an increase of 52% comparing to 2015. It’s expected that in 2017, the sales volume of new energy vehicle would be up to 800,000 which is an increase of over 50% from 2016. According to “the 13th Five-Year Plan”, in 2020, the production of new energy vehicle will hit 2,000,000 and by then, its accumulated total production will reach 5,000,000. New energy vehicle industry is forecasted  to be one of the fastest growing industries in the next few years.
In 2018, Ringier’s Automotive Manufacturing and Design for China magazine cooperates with BYD Company Limited (“BYD”), one of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, specializing in four industries - IT, automobile, new energy and rail transit, to host a “New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Conference 2018” event. This conference’s focus will be the topics of technology applications, new equipments, innovative materials, automation and dectection etc in new energy vehicle manufacturing. It is definitely a great opportunity for networking within suppy-demand chain in the industry, and a high-end communication platform for China and even Asian-Pacific industry professionals.

Hot Topics

-  Development trends and strategies for electric vehicles
-  US electric vehicles industry development and related policy presentation
-  Automaker’s reform after 2017 China’s vehicle policy adjustment
-  “Puzzles” vs “Challenges”  of vehicle batteries
-  Power storing, using and recharging of battery in electric vehicles
-  Balance between economic targets and technology requirements: application   
   development for battery electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles
-  Assembly design of hybrid electric vehicles
-  Principles and applications of dynamical system controlling in new energy vehicles
-  Applications of smart devices in new energy vehicles manufacturing
-  Application development of new materials in new energy vehicles manufacturing

Event Highlights

  • Ringier Events’  first-time cooperation with Automotive Manufacturing and Design for China magazine, to build up a conference on the subject of new    energy vehicle manufacturing.
  • Large database support from magazine leads to wide coverage and attracts more participants.
  • Leading new energy vehicle manufacturer BYD strong support of the event
  • Gathering renowned automobile related businesses in industrial supporting   chain, serving a wide technology-sharing platform to motivate industry     development.
  • 100+ participants from vehicle operations and component suppliers; 15+ speeches; insightful topics.
Who Will Attend

By Industry
-  New energy vehicle operations (OEM)
-  Automotive component suppliers
-  Mould manufacturers
-  Automotive production equipment manufacturers
-  New materials technical suppliers
-  Vehicle inspection and measurement equipment manufacturers
-  Automation equipment suppliers
-  Regulator, association, consulting agency, etc.
By Title
-  President / General Manager / Vice General Manager
-  Director / Manager of  Technology R&D Department
-  Director / Manager of Production Technology Department
-  Director / Manager of Material Analysis Department
-  Director / Manager of Purchasing and Quality Control Department
-  University / Research Institution / Association / Government /
   Related Professionals



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