The related industry always has huge progress with the breakthrough of materials and technologies. The younger generation of consumers become the major power of home appliance and 3C products, whose consumption habits and consumption patterns will lead the change of home appliance and 3C industry. How to design the products, How to choose materials, and how to apply the technologies are the questions the should be considered by every practitioner.

Under this background, " Innovative Materials and Technologies in Home Appliance & 3C Industry Summit 2018" will be held in Shanghai on August 29th - 30th, which will invite experts coming from appliance & 3C OEMs, associations & colleges and materials & technologies suppliers, to discuss the industry trend, design idea, breakthrough of materials & technologies, and so on. Cling to the industry pulse and look for real business opportunities. 


Industrial Chain Collaboration

From industrial design to material innovation and technology application, discuss the effect of joint discussion and multilateral cooperation in home appliance manufacturing industry.

Professional and Authoritative 

Home appliance enterprises + industry experts + materials manufacturers discuss the industry development.

Experts Advise

Various of experts jointly guide the future and interpret the market and policy.

Business Opportunities

Directly face many large home appliance brands, master the needs of downstream end market customers, and find the most real business opportunities. 


Hot Topics

Imagine the Future

- Trend of Home Appliance Products and its materials & technologies - Trend of 3C products and its materials & technologies

- Latest policy interpretation of home appliance and 3C industry

- Pamper imagination of the Intelligent home age

Understand the Design

- Health and environmental protection for home appliance

- The change of colors and materials from CMF point of view

Choose the Materials

- High performance plastics - the trend of plastic modification for home appliances

- Application and development of easy cleaning material

- Application of graphite additive in plastic modification - Discussion on the application of degerming GPPS

- Application trend of non spraying materials

- Solution of PMMA and PC in home appliance

- More intelligent - Application of intelligent materials

- Application of composite materials in shell home appliances and 3C products

Apply the Technologies

- NCL - Assists plastic parts from low end to high end

- Health black tech - NanoeX technology assists healthy home appliances

- Presentsituationanddevelopmentofpowdercoatingtechnology

- Nano anti-corrosive technology - a new generation of anti-corrosive technology

- Intelligent development of injection molding technology

- How can IMD and OMD technologies and their combinations enhance the added value of products? 

Who Should Attend 

  • Domestic and foreign plastic home appliances, 3C electronic products manufacturing enterprises
  • -Raw materials, auxiliary materials, auxiliary suppliers.
  • Production equipment and instrumentation suppliers
  • Third party service provider: program provider, trading company, etc.
  • Government, trade associations
  • Design company 


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