With the vigorous development of domestic automotive, electrical, electronic and communication machinery industries, the demand for modified engineering plastics will rise sharply, and a variety of high strength heat-resistant engineering plastics will be widely used as well. Modified plastics as an important field of new material industry, will develop towards environmental protection, low carbon, high performance, multifunction integration and low cost, which will also become important materials to be used for new energy vehicles, high-end equipment, energy saving solutions, environmental protection, biological medicine and new generation of IT industry and other strategic industries.
China's 13th Five-Year plan has also formulated a series of favorable policies on technological innovation, optimizing industrial structure, improve the competitiveness of enterprises and promote the development of China modified plastics industry, Which will be discussed during our event.
“2018 Innovative Plastics Compounding Technology Conference” will be held in Shanghai on Oct.25-26, where we’ll discuss the new applications of modified plastics. We’ll also provide you with a great platform for you to communicate and discover new trends and manufacturers’ demands with help of industrial experts, manufacturing producers and suppliers. Join us and get to know latest innovation and processing technologies!

Hot Topics

  • Development trend of modified plastics in China
  • Development trend of plastics additives all over the world
  • Innovation technology drives the development of modified plastics industry
  • Innovative applications and trends of inorganic mineral materials in plastic modification
  • R&D development of halogen free flame retardants all over the world
  • The demand and opportunities of modified plastics in the lightweight of automobile
  • New demand trends of household appliances for modified plastics
  • Applications of modified PEEK in medical field
  • Modified plastics industry under 4.0 changes
  • New biodegradable plastics
  • Study on the mechanism of viscous dissipative melt mixing and its application in the preparation of filled functional polymer materials
  • Plastic modification technology for chemical shock of disinfectant in hospital
  • Modification and innovative applications of biodegradable plastics / biodegradable plastics
  • Legislation, regulations and environmental issues
  • Modification of plastics with micro and nano materials

Event Highlights

  • Experts’ Insight
150 precision industry experts and guests, 15+ hot topics, sharing cutting-edge manufacturing technology, comprehensive FAQ
  • Diverse Forms of Communication
The experts’ speeches, informal networking opportunities during tea breaks, business dinner and factory visit combined, offer you diversified channels for establishing new business connections
  • Case Studies
Explore strategies to create profitable products that meet consumer needs
  • Expo and technical seminar
Find out about the latest technology and products. An easy and fast way to acquire updates on innovative technology and scientific development
  • Buyer-Supplier match making service
Offer match making service to meet the specific purchasing purpose of your company
Who Will Attend

By Industry
  • Thermoplastics Compounders
  • Innovative Material Suppliers
  • Additives Manufacturing Enterprise
  • Plastic Molding and Processing Equipment Suppliers
  • Downstream product end user (Packaging, Autoparts, Electronic appliances)
  • Inspection Institution
  • Associations/Universities/ Government
  • Others
By Position
  • President/ General Manager
  • Engineering/Project Department Supervisor
  • Technical/equipment Department Supervisor
  • R&D/Design Department Supervisor
  • QA/QC Supervisor
  • Sales/Marketing Supervisor
  • Government/Association/Institutions/Other Related Delegates
  • Others



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