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It is predicted that the sales revenue of China's dietary supplements market will rise from 260 billion yuan in 2016 to 400 billion yuan in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of 10%-15%. The dietary supplements gradually transfer from luxury consumption to ordinary consumption. 'China food and Nutrition Development Program (2014-2020) 'mentioned that this national plan would actively improve the people's nutrient intake by setting a priority to developing the nutritional and fortified food sectors of food ingredients market.

The total global consumption of special medical purpose food is 56 billion to 64 billion yuan annually, and the market scale increases annually by 6%. From the malnutrition patients in America, 65% consume special medical purpose food. In Britain that number only reaches 27% and in China 1.6%. The value of mainland consumption of special purpose food reaches 600 million yuan annually, which is just about 1% of global market, while the predicted market is 13-18 billion Dollar.

'The China Food & Beverage Manufacturing Summit & Expo 2018' will maintain 'Nutritional Food and Dietary Supplement Session', 'Functional Beverage Session', 'Innovative Packaging & Processing and Automation Technology Session', and newly added 'Food for Special Medical Purpose Session'. The summit will bring 35 speeches covering several hot topics including food and beverage industry regulation, development trend, formula, food safety, innovative packaging and latest processing technology.

Enterprises should seize the opportunities to maintain the leading position in the industry.Manufacturers can better understand how the diversity of products and service can influence the business relying on the suggestions, trend and regulation analysis from experts.

The summit will gather industry professionals with goal of creating a platform for discussion about new opportunities and how to increase capacity and reduce production costs.The audiences can expand connections and seize potential business opportunities. You cannot miss this summit!

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Hot Topics

Nutritional Food & Dietary Supplement Session

| Food Safety and Supervision HOT! Domestic Nutritional Food Regulation,

| Policy and Labeling Requirements

| Precision Nutrition Concept and Support- ing Technology

| Application of Plant Extracts in Health Food

| Application of Probiotics in Nutritional Food

| Development of Nutritional Food for Infants and Children NEW!

| Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutritional Food

| Nutrition and Physiological Functions of New 

| Food Ingredients and its Case Analysis

| Formula of 'Cleaning Label' Products NEW!

Functional Beverage Session

| Development Trend of Functional Beverage Industry NEW!

| Fermented Beverage Market Analysis Market Analysis and Product Innovation of

| Vegetable Protein Drinks NEW!

| Probiotics Efficacy and its Innovation HOT!

| Application of Plant Extracts in Functional Drinks HOT!

| Sports / Energy Drinks HOT!

| Fermented Milk Innovation Introduction NEW!

| Functional R&D and Innovation of Solid Beverage NEW!

Food for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) TrackNEW!

- FSMP Regulation

- Development of Disease Specific FSMP

- Application of FSMP for Children

- FSMP Inspection and Testing Technology

- Clinical Research Technique and FSMP

- Analysis of Clinical Nutrition and Health Function for Functional Materials

Latest Processing and Automation Technology & Innovative Packaging Track

- Design Planning for Food and Beverage Health and Safety Production Line

- Application of Smart Factory in Food and Beverage Industry NEW!

- Food Processing and its Automated Production

- Cooling Technology in Food and Beverage Industry

- Case Sharing of Filtration Equipment in Food and Beverage Industry

- Quality Management of Food and Beverage Processing

- New Technology of Food Processing HOT!

- How to Ensure the Taste and Fragrance of the Product NEW!

- Application of Robots in Food and Beverage Processing

- Application of Internet in Food and Beverage Industry

- Food and Beverage Safety Inspection HOT!

- The Key Production Technology for FSMP NEW!

- Packaging Trend under 'Appearance Era' NEW!

- Application of Innovative Packaging Materials

- Biobased Packaging Materials

- Bottle Cap Innovative Technology NEW!

- High-barrier Packaging Materials NEW!

- Labeling Technology and Case Analysis NEW!

- Process of Smart Packaging Research NEW!

- Packaging Printing and Food Safety

- Application of Robots in Secondary Packaging NEW!

- Latest Packaging Automation Technology NEW!

- Case Study: Balance between Materials, Technology and Cost NEW!


Bokkee Min

Executive Director at NOVAREX(Rexgene Biotech)

Hesong Wang

Secretary General at Health Association of China

Aoaoyaking 大矢均

General Manager at Health Industry Magazine of Japan

PeiZhen Jiang

Professor at Shanghai Preventive Medicine Nutriology School

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Event Highlights

10 Reasons You Need to Attend

- 4 parallel sessions, 35+ hottest topics,industry elites

- Advisory committee from domestic and overseas markets

- Market overview, Industry trends and innovative technology

- Industry experts to share best practices onsite

- Latest domestic and overseas industry regulations

- The most practical solutions

- Strategies to create profitable products that meet consumer demands

- Exhibition booths and technical seminar

- Buyer-supplier match making service

- Food & beverage tasting zone

Who Will Attend

By Industry

Nutritional/Dietary supplement production enterprises

Functional beverage processing companies

Dairy/milk drink processing companies

Hospitals, scientific research institutes and industry associations

The food inspection and testing institutions

Food and beverage ingredients and raw material suppliers

Processing equipment suppliers

Packaging and label suppliers

Printing enterprises

Testing and measuring equipment suppliers

Medical Companies

By Job Title

- General Manager

- R&D Director/Manager/Researcher

- Technical Director/ Manager/Engineer

- QA Director/ Manager/Engineer

- Packaging Director/ Manager/Engineer

- Production Director/ Manager/Engineer

- Brand Management Director/Manager/Engineer

- Legal and regulatory Dept. Director/Manager/experts

- Marketing Director/Manager

- Food & beverage consultants

- Clinician

- Packaging, design and automation consultants

- Others




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