With the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, Chinese personal care industry continues the incredible growth. According to the report from ‘China Industrial Information Network’, the domestic cosmetic market has maintained an annual growth rate of 12.3%, reaching 500 billion yuan in 2018.
Ringer Personal Care Technology Summit & Expo has successfully provided the latest industry information through past 14 years. And so we will continue with every edition of ‘Personal Care Technology Summit & Expo’.
The 2018 version will take place on Jun. 28-29, 2018 in Shanghai. The summit will be divided into nine sessions including:
  • Regulations &Testing;
  • Sunscreen, Whitening and Anti-Allergy;
  • Moisturizing, Anti-Wrinkle and Pollution;
  • Hair Care;
  • Innovative Packaging;
  • Cosmetics
  • Digital Marketing(E-commerce)
Newly added:
  • Maternal and Baby Care;
  • Processing.
These new elements are designed to bring our delegates more comprehensive view on plastic-dominated industries. With over 80 speeches, we will share with you the latest information about domestic and international policies and regulations, industry trends, research results of skin care and cosmetics, innovative packaging, testing technology, and smart manufacturing.
The summit is perfect communication platform for delegates as well. We will greatly appreciate your participation and feedback during occasions such as: cosmetic show, case study, topic discussions, brainstorming session and innovation products releasing area.
Meanwhile, ‘Ringier Technology Innovation Awards - Personal Care Industry’ will be held during the summit –great opportunity for you to get latest information about innovative technology in skin care, hair care, packing and processing. Be sure not to miss it!

Event Highlights

Ten reasons you need to attend

parallel sessions, 80+ topics, Gathering Industry Elites 
- Advisory committee- high level speakers from domestic and overseas
- Domestic and overseas regulation and practical solutions you should know
- Exploring strategies to create profitable products and meet consumer needs
- Industry experts sharing successful cases
- Getting new ideas and acquire latest knowledge to move on your work
- Mini Expo and technical seminar 
Matching Service 
- Cosmetic Show 
- Concurrent Ceremony: Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2018
Who Will Attend! 

By Industry

Domestic and Overseas Government and Associations
End-product Manufacturers, OEM and ODM
Raw Material Suppliers
Testing Equipment Manufacturers
Packaging Material (Solutions), Equipment, Labeling Suppliers
By Position
CEOs/Presidents/Vice Presidents
Regulatory Affairs Supervisors/ Directors
R&D Supervisors/ Directors
QA/QC Supervisors/ Directors
Purchasing Supervisors/ Directors
Marketing/ Branding Directors
Production Technology Supervisors/ Directors
Packaging Supervisors/ Directors
Other Relevant Personnel



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